Richest man in the world and Twitter’s largest shareholder, Elon Musk, Tweets an interest meme about Twitter’s next board meeting

Elon Musk was recently appointed to Twitter’s board of directors and social media has been anticipating a great deal of changes.

After purchasing a 9.2% stake in Twitter, Musk became the largest outside shareholder in the social media platform. This major purchase came after he posted a poll on Twitter, asking his followers if they believed Twitter adhered to free speech.

70.4% of respondents said “no”, and many left comments on the post urging Musk to ‘buy’ the social media platform

Was Elon Musk signaling a free speech crusade against Twitter? His actions thus far indicate “yes.”

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With today’s cryptic tweet, featuring a meme from Elon Musk’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s show, another free speech advocate, it is reasonable to assume that he is planning some sort of “free speech bomb” over Twitter’s board of directors.

Although the Tweet contained no additional message, and could simply be Elon sharing a funny meme, his recent actions seem to show that he is planning some sort of “Twitter Takeover”  for the sake of advancing free speech.

Elon has proven himself to be less than predictable, though, so it is too soon to say what his end game is.

Yet, there is a chance that with Elon taking a seat at the board he will restore President Trump’s Twitter account, and prevent other truth-speakers such as those who reported on Hunter Biden’s laptop from being removed, two things which Twitter (rightfully) received a great deal of criticism for.