Source: Joe Hoft

Rep. Jim Jordan gave one of the best speeches in recent history yesterday on the US House floor yesterday when he summarized the crimes, projections and destruction of America created by the current gang running this country and currently in place. 

Jim Jordan presented an excellent list of crimes, projections and corruption over the past few years in a presentation yesterday on the House floor.  While the Democrats and elites fight to steal the country, Americans can see these crimes and it is comforting to know that a few in Congress see them too.

Jordan shared:

Democrats have closed the Capitol, allowed proxy voting, kicked Republicans off committee, won’t let Republicans serve on this select committee.  First time in the history of the Congress the minority leader was not allowed to put on committee the individuals he or she selected, first time in the history of our nation.]

Democrats are trying to end the electoral college, trying to end the filibuster, trying to pack the court, this committee, the Jan 6 Committee altered evidence and presented it to the American people as if it were true. And they accuse us of bein a danger to our democracy.

Although Jordan noticeably failed to list the 2020 Election steal as the major crime committed in our country’s and perhaps world history, the rest was excellent.

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Furthermore, there is no way that Kevin McCarthy should be a leader in the Republican caucus ahead of Jim Jordan.  No way.  This speech by Jordan tells you why.  McCarthy would never make this speech.