Source: Steve Watson

Following Mitt Romney’s announcement Monday that he will vote to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, practically assuring that Biden’s nominee will prevail, Tucker Carlson noted that just one year ago Romney opposed Jackson being elevated to a LESSER court, asking ‘so what changed?’

As the Washington Post reports, Romney has made a ‘historic flip’ in expressing support for the same person he voted against for a seat on the DC appeals court last year.

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Carlson noted Wednesday that “Less than a year ago, this is an amazing example, this is June of 2021. Mitt Romney voted against the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. OK, he thought she wasn’t qualified. Now this week, he announced he is supporting the same person’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.”

He continued, “Huh? She was unqualified for a lower court but is the perfect choice for the Supreme Court. How does that work?”

“So she’s in the mainstream! She wasn’t less than a year ago but now she’s fully in the mainstream. So here is what it took for Mitt Romney to finally support Ketanji Brown Jackson,” Carlson continued, before pointing out the only thing that has changed.

“He learned in process of confirmation hearings that she gave lenient sentences to child pornographers. Mitt Romney didn’t know that last year, hence the vote against her.”


GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green went one further than Carlson, directly labelling Romney and other senators who have expressed support for Jackson as ‘pro-pedophile’, providing a thread with details of Jackson’s record of lenient sentences for child predators:

As we previously covered, corporate media talking heads and Democrats have repeatedly claimed that Republicans probing into Jackson’s history of light sentences for child porn offenders is some kind of batshit conspiracy theory pandering “message to QAnon.”