Source: Joe Hoft

More word salad from Kamala Harris.  She just makes absolutely no sense and comes across as dumb again. 

On Thursday Kamala Harris was asked about her reaction to Ketanji Brown-Jackson reaching the Supreme Court.  Conservative Treehouse reported:

Harris represents the least qualified person in office and her ineptitude is a specific reason she was selected.  Harris’s inability is the shield that protects Biden from Republican efforts to remove him.  This too is part of the design.

[Yesterday] the least qualified person ever to hold the VP position, gives her opinion on the most radically qualified Alinsky ideologue ever to reach the Supreme Court.  Eloquence is not her forte’.

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This is not the first time Harris handed out word salad.  TGP put together a list of similar events.

She mumbled through a discussion on gas prices.

She talked about the passage of time.

She laughed when talking about Ukrainian refugees.

She didn’t know what Americans should brace for should Putin invade Ukraine.

She didn’t know what she was talking about with COVID.

She talked about the Black Sea when discussing gas prices.

Kamala Harris is doing nothing to make herself look smarter or intelligent when discussing world issues. 

(BTW- what are these people doing still wearing masks?  Don’t they realize that too makes them look very stupid?)