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Sometimes, I forget that millions of Americans are still unaware that the entire vaccine timeline is loaded with lie after lie after lie. They’ll call these lies “corrections” based on “new data,” but it’s telling that many of us have been right about the jabs since long before the “new data” came out.

For example, the jabs were initially sold to us as being 100% effective at stopping the spread of Covid-19. This is one of the reasons there was a mad rush in the early days to get jabbed. But it didn’t take long for “rare” breakthrough cases to start popping up, so the number quickly switched to 99% effective.

This lasted for several months as corporate media and the government tried to gaslight us by withholding the data that showed it was nowhere near 99% effective. They would continuously point to old data even though new data was available. Even in the old data, there were glaring problems with their claim of 99% efficacy.

When people like you and me started pushing back against the claims that breakthrough cases were rare, they started dropping the efficacy percentage. It went from 99% to 90% – still admirable. Then, it was 83%. Once it dropped to “around” 75%, the narrative began shifting again.

The definition of “vaccine” itself was changed in both dictionaries as well as the CDC’s own glossary. Instead of offering “immunity,” it offered “protection.”

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Then, out of the blue, they shifted the talking points from prevention to treatment. They admitted that the jabs did not prevent people from getting the coronavirus, nor did it prevent people from spreading the disease. What they started claiming it did and continue to claim today is that it prevented people who contract Covid-19 from being hospitalized and dying.

This is a lie as well, and it has persisted. Today, it’s clear based on data from multiple sources that any protection from hospitalization or death faded very quickly. Within 3-6 months, a “fully vaccinated” individual had just as much of a chance of being hospitalized or dying as an unvaccinated person. Some studies point to an INCREASED chance of hospitalization and death for the “fully vaccinated.”

It’s all a ploy to get people on a perpetual regimen of booster shots. They have a 4th shot approved for people over 50 and the immunocompromised, and it will be available to everyone soon enough. The 5th jab will be approved soon as well. They’re talking about a 6th jab by fall.

In the beginning, it was sold as perfect or nearly perfect. Today, it’s about as effective as the slave masks they forced us to wear.

In the second segment, I discussed where we all will be when the economic collapse hits. Segment three of today’s episode of The JD Rucker Political Report focused on a resurfaced video of President Trump touting the jabs.

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