Source: Paul Craig Roberts

Some readers have asked why Russia regards Finland’s membership in NATO as a provocation. For the same reason that Ukraine’s membership is a provocation: US missile bases on Russia’s border.

Editor’s Commentary: I have always appreciated Paul Craig Roberts’ perspectives. My conversations with him have shown me he understands geopolitics better than just about anyone I know. I do not agree with everything he posted in the article below from Free West Media, but I’m printing it anyway because it does shed light on the reality that we are closer to war with Russia than any time since the Cold War.

The best way we can contribute to preventing WWIII from happening (other than prayer, of course) is to pressure our elected officials to keep us as far away from the regional conflict in Ukraine as possible. We can help the suffering Ukrainian people, but military intervention of any kind is not in our best interests, nor will it help to save the people of Ukraine. It will only make matters worse and almost certainly result in a war scenario that nobody outside of the Military Industrial Complex or the Chinese Communist Party should desire. Here’s Paul’s article…

The US does not currently have hypersonic missiles, but will sooner or later. Such missiles on Russia’s borders could reach Moscow in 3 or 4 minutes, clearly an existential threat. Along with Finland, Washington wants the bases in Sweden and the Baltic states, and already has missile bases in Poland and Romania.


Whereas Washington intends Finland’s NATO membership as a new provocation, we must not forget two other existing provocations that the Kremlin has declared to be unacceptable: the existing missile bases in Poland and Romania.

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