Source: Joe Hoft

People across the globe are tired of the insane, unnecessary and anti-freedom COVID mandates and lockdowns around the world.  Even people in China are showing they’ve had enough.  

TGP shared earlier that thousands joined the protests in California against the COVID mandates and lockdowns instituted by corrupt politicians that disregard our freedoms and Constitution.  These mandates are not based on science but are based on control.

Newsweek reported over the weekend on a tweet reportedly from Shanghai where people there are now responding to the COVID lockdowns with screams. These people are obviously sick and tired of being locked down in their small apartments across the country for no good reason.

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China tricked the world in early 2020 with videos of people falling in the streets in Wuhan sick with COVID.  These sights were not seen anywhere in the world since.

China also worked closely with the WHO Director who claimed COVID would have a 3.4% mortality rate.  Something we determined was inaccurate based on information available at the time.  We were attacked by the fake fact-checkers and Media Matters at that time which meant we were over the target.

We were over the target and we were right.

Now China is leading the charge with lockdowns in Shanghai and Hong Kong which are unnecessary and do not prevent the spread of COVID.  US politicians are planning the same.  No wonder people are screaming and protesting.