Source: Mike Miller

Bidenomics. It’s a beautiful thing. If you’re Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, that is.

On Planet Biden, you — if the “you” is Biden — can have it both ways. You can lie your head off about “record job growth” and “record GDP growth” out of one side of your face, then turn around and out of the other side of your face, lament the heavy burden facing “everyday Americans” due to a “still recovering economy,” which was only bad in the first place because Trump.

Then again, everything wrong in America is because of Trump. Except for the stuff that is because of Putin, of course. Fortunately for Joe, on Planet Biden, nothing is ever because of Biden. 

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Case in point:

Just one day after extending the pandemic-era student loan pause for another four months, as reported by Washington Examiner on Monday, Biden trumpeted historically low unemployment, a stark contrast that could not more clearly illustrate Biden’s hypocrisy on the economy.

Alfredo Ortiz, president, and CEO of the conservative advocacy group Job Creators Network summed it up perfectly, as transcribed by The Examiner.