Source: Pratyaksha Mitra

Tehran: Israel has deployed its airplanes, espionage equipment and agents on the US military bases in the Middle East. Extracting sensitive information regarding Iranian security is carried out from these bases. The Iranian news agency claimed that some of these bases are friendly with Iran in the Middle East nations. Iran accused that an attack was carried out from a covert Israeli base in the Kurdistan province of Iraq in the last week.

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A report released by Noor News, an Iranian news agency, mentions the Israeli spy network in the Middle East. The United States has military and naval bases in the Middle East. There are Israeli spies on these bases along with US soldiers. The Iranian news agency said that the equipment required for surveillance and military aircraft also are deployed at these bases.

In its report, the news agency mentioned that it owned high-quality photographs of the Israeli equipment and aircraft on the US military bases to prove this allegation. Israel uses these US military bases to find information regarding the Iranian military bases and other sensitive locations and spy on them. The Iranian news agency claimed that although the Israeli personnel and equipment are present at the US military bases, both the countries are working independently.

Israel airplanes and spies deployed on US military bases in Middle East: Iran news agency

The news agency said that the Israeli spies and airplanes are deployed even at the military bases in the countries that are allies and partners of Iran. The agency has not exposed the names of the nations. But the news agency seems to be pointing to Iranian allies Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait and Syria. US military has its biggest base at Al-Udaid in Qatar and the headquarters of the US Central Command CENTCOM) is also located there. Only a few weeks ago, the United States permitted the deployment of an Israeli official at CENTCOM.

Meanwhile, Iran is accusing the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad has setup a network of spies in the Middle East. Iran had accused Israel of setting up an intelligence network even in the Kurdistan province of Iraq. Last week, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards claimed to have destroyed this network by firing 32 missiles at this location.