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New Jersey public school students as young as ten years old could be taught that puberty blockers are an acceptable way to “manage” adolescence, and that masturbating “a few times a day” is a healthy way to relieve stress, according to sample lesson plans being reviewed by the state’s school districts.

New Jersey public school students as young as second grade will be getting lessons related to gender identity under state sex education guidelines that will take effect in September, according to a report by Fox News.

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The sample lesson plans were reportedly given to parents at a February 22 meeting for the Westfield Board of Education in Westfield, New Jersey.

According to documents obtained by the outlet, New Jersey school districts are reviewing new sex education lesson plans that push animated videos — known as “AMAZE” — for fifth graders on graphic sex-related content.

“If you feel you want more time to explore how you feel about your gender before your body starts to change, it’s important to talk with a parent, counselor, therapist, or doctor about the feelings you have regarding your gender,” one AMAZE video states.

“After some discussion and counseling, you may be referred to an endocrinologist. Endocrinologists specialize in hormones, and they are the most likely to prescribe puberty blockers for someone who wants them,” the video continues. “Puberty blockers are medications that will stop your body from changing.”

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