Source: Breitbart

French President Emmanuel Macron has rebuked US President Joe Biden’s accusation that Russian leader Vladimir Put is committing genocide in Ukraine, implying such claims are not ‘prudent’.

Accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of being responsible for genocide is not conducive to peace efforts, French President Emmanuel Macron seems to have implied with comments made on Wednesday.

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The French head of state made the comments in relation to President Joe Biden’s accusation that Putin has been conducting a genocide in Ukraine.

While the US Commander-in-Chief appeared adamant when claiming that a genocidal Putin is “trying to wipe out even the idea of being Ukrainian,” Macron appears to be taking a far more careful stance on the matter.

“I would say that Russia unilaterally launched a brutal war, that it is now established that war crimes were committed by the Russian army and that we must now find those responsible,” Le Figaro reports the French President as explaining.

“…but at the same time I look at the facts and I want to try as much as possible to continue to be able to stop this war and to rebuild peace, so I’m not sure that the escalation of words serves the cause,” he said, his claim in stark contrast with Biden’s recent verbal approach to the conflict.

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