Source: John VargaOliver Trapnell

RUSSIA could launch a new “space war” against Elon Musk in retaliation for the sinking of the Moskva on Thursday, according to an adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Anton Gerashchenko tweeted: “Russia is starting a space war! Medvedev announced a task is given to destroy @elonmusk Starlink satellites in a document by “United Russia”. It says that firing on the Moskva was done with the help of Starlinks.”

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Dmitry Medvedev, a close ally to Vladimir Putin, announced a plan to destroy Elon Musk’s Starling satellites in a United Russia party document.

The Kremlin believes the satellites were used to help the Ukrainian army sink the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet.

The sinking of the key warship has been seen as a humiliating blow to Moscow as the war rages on.