Source: Jesse Martin

Emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop reveal that Joe Biden has long had animosity towards Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton was a horrible candidate with a number of insidious controversies to criticize. In 2015 and 2016 emails directed to his family, extended family, and chief of staff, Joe Biden shared stories about Hillary’s plummeting popularity with black voters, the investigation over her email server, and her aide’s private and suspect deals with the United Arab Emirates.

Regarding her decline in black appeal, Biden shared with his family polls which had showed her down dramatically with black and white voters alike–although especially black voters.

The next email was addressed to Hunter Biden alone, and contained a link to a story on Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Cheryl Mills, being paid to negotiate a private deal with the United Arab Emirates.

From The Daily Mail:

The comment piece was critical of the Clintons and the aide, saying the deal was a conflict of interest with the UAE, which it described as ‘a serial violator of human rights’.

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‘In 2009, while Ms. Mills held the second most powerful job at State, she also represented New York University as it negotiated with officials from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE),’ the editorial said.

‘Outside of the Clintons and their staff, who else thinks it’s a good idea for senior State Department officials to be paid by private institutions to cut side deals with Middle Eastern dictatorships—or any foreign governments?’

A third email, pertaining to Hillary’s illegal private email server, was sent in February 2016. This email cited an article written by a political scientist about how damaging an investigation and indictment over the emails would be for Hillary’s campaign and for the White House . Ironically enough, these emails were all sent by Joe Biden via a private email address and recovered from a carelessly discarded laptop full of incriminating evidence. Really makes you think.

Biden’s emails further show not only his own animosity towards Clinton, but how corrupt and awful she is as a human being and was as a candidate for the presidency.

Remember, Biden said in 2017  “I never thought she [Hillary] was a great candidate. I thought I was a great candidate.”

Well, he was half-right at least–she was a terrible candidate. But so is he.