Source: Rhoda Wilson

On 17 March 2022, the African People’s Socialist Party (“APSP”) held a press conference putting forward the official position of the African Revolution regarding “Russia’s defensive war in Ukraine against global colonial powers.”

“It is absolutely necessary for Africans and all the victims of European colonialism to take a definitive stance in solidarity with Russia,” APSP announced.

The APSP is an African internationalist organisation working towards reparations for slavery in the United States (“US”). The party was formed in May 1972 by the merger of three black power organisations based in Florida and Kentucky. Omali Yeshitela, one of the original co-founders, is chairman of the APSP.  The APSP’s stated goals are “to keep the Black Power Movement alive, defend the countless Africans locked up by the counterinsurgen.

We at The Exposé do not encourage or promote racism in any of its forms. APSP uses the term “white colonialists” or “colonial” to describe those who they see as behind the globalist agenda. It’s a grave miscalculation to think globalists only come from a single ethnic, religious or political group and so can be easily identified by their skin tone or any visible characteristic. Dividing societies into groups and turning the groups against each other – identity politics – is a ploy the globalists use to “divide and conquer” the people.

Globalist ideology has infiltrated all aspects of society irrespective of race, ethnicity or creed. Their global attack on humanity is against all of humanity and not only a selected group. They are trying to oppress, control and enslave all of humanity. If we substitute APSP’s phrase “white colonialist” with “globalist” then we realise that whether we are white or black, we have common ground and that we are against the globalists’ plan for humanity – we are anti-globalists.

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Citing the invasion of Russia in 1917 by globalist powers “as the event most significant to this war” Yeshitela said: “This was the beginning of the colonial war against Russia that it is fending against today in its Ukrainian iteration.”

“The existing world order led since 1949 by the international colonialist bloc known as the Atlanticists, achieved its current political and economic anti-Russia configuration during this period of the 1940s. In the 1980s the US government under the regime of James Earl Carter, with the leadership of Zbigniew Brzezinski, his national security adviser, drew the Soviet Union into military conflict in Afghanistan to overthrow its government that was allied with Soviet Russia and to extend NATO’s borders closer to Soviet encirclement,” APSP said.

“Since the 1991 dissolution of the Soviet Union, the U.S. has escalated its efforts to contain Russia.

“While many have been forced to recognise the existence of colonialism as it relates to individual countries, the African People’s Socialist Party has determined that the initial 15th-century European colonisation, begun in Africa, developed into a mode of production, a colonial mode of production, that continues to define the political landscape of the world.

“Unlike most of Europe, Russian development from feudalism did not go through the colonial mode of production but is a product of the Russian socialist-led revolution of 1917. This is why Russia today, although it makes no pretence of being communist or revolutionary, has been able to briefly enter into the colonial mode of production on its own terms, free from the absolute dictates of the US.

“Under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, Russia has become an active, aggressive opponent of the unipolar world domination of the US.”

Read more: The African People’s Socialist Party calls for unity with Russia’s defensive war in Ukraine against the world colonial powers, The Burning Spear, 24 March 2022

A few days later ASAP held an interesting discussion, a “Sunday Study,” about NATO, fake news, Nazis in Ukraine, the colonial mode of production and more.  Participants were:

  • Chairman Omali Yeshitela, APSP;
  • Alexander Ionov, President, Anti-Globalisation Movement of Russia;
  • Luwezi Kinshasa, Secretary-General, African Socialist International (“ASI”); and,
  • Tafarie Mugeri, Director of Organisation, ASI Africa Region

Yeshitela opened the discussion by reiterating the statement, with a few additional remarks, he had made at the press conference on 17 March. [timestamp 3:15]

Ionov then joined the panel live from Russia. [timestamp 14:47] He began by giving his perspective on the propaganda in Western media about the Russia-Ukraine conflict and how he felt it was beginning to shift. During his 24-minute update, Ionov told the panel:

“When Biden was a Vice President he went to Ukraine to fight for the interest of his son Hunter Biden – Burisma, you can read about it online – found out that against him general prosecutor of Ukraine had initiated a criminal fraud case. So basically, Biden said that we’ll only get back and help you, Ukrainian leaders, when this general prosecutor will be fired. And so that happened. He was arrested for a bribe of one billion dollars from the United States government that he received to like for help to Ukraine. So, all this money the US government is spending, well this money of American taxpayers, they don’t go to the people of Ukraine, they actually go to the pockets of the modern Ukrainian leadership.

“I have visited Donetsk and Luhansk several times.  I participated in the referendum in [Karaim], Crimea. I know the situation from the inside and I know a large number of people who were hurt by Ukrainian authorities.”

“Based on what president Alex just delivered, one thing I would like to say is that: the US is not being as successful as it may appear in terms of convincing the world to unite with them against Russia. As you know almost half the countries in Africa at the United Nations refused to condemn Russia and other countries have taken similar positions. Even if they are too afraid to come out in support of Russia, they’re refusing to join the condemnation of Russia,” Yeshitela added, “increasingly you should understand that more and more people are seeing Ukraine and NATO functioning as a kind of lynch mob … that is attempting to protect the global system of colonial slavery and that Russia represents a problem for them in doing that” [timestamp 38:21]

We have not watched the entire 2-hour discussion.  If you wish, you can do so in the video below.