Thanks audience for not staying at home forever

Source: Steve Watson

Comedian and talk host Bill Maher has slammed vaccinated people who refuse to stop wearing face masks, asking if they would keep wearing a condom after sex has ended.

Maher raises the issue in a new comedy special on HBO called Adulting, in which he asks mask wearers “Do you keep the condom on after you f*ck?”

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During the special he also thanks the audience for resolving to living their lives rather than hiding in their houses forever.

Maher previously made the same point during a Real Time segment.

“I don’t understand these people,” Maher said, adding “They say they’re going to continue to wear masks even after they sound the all-clear. It’s like having sex with a condom and then saying, ‘You know what? I think I’m going to leave it on for the rest of the night.’”

He went on to explain “you’re never going to have a 100% COVID free atmosphere… there’s always going to be variants, we just have to live again.”

Despite it being an obvious comedy bit, mask zealots on Twitter failed to see the humour:

During an appearance last week on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Maher labeled Democrats the party of “no common sense”, explaining that “When people say to me ‘Don’t you think you’ve gotten more conservative?’ No, I haven’t. The left has gotten goofier. So I seem more conservative, maybe, but it’s not me who’s changed.”

He continued, “I’m always saying to the Democrats ‘just don’t be the party of no common sense.’ And you will be surprised with all the amazing success you will have as opposed to what’s going to happen, which is they’re going to get their ass kicked in November.”