Source: Adan Salazar

CNN’s Brian Stelter claimed allowing free speech to thrive on Twitter would deter investors because no one wants to “play in the gutter.”

Dreading Elon Musk’s potential purchase of Twitter and the sale’s implications on free speech, Stelter agreed with his guest, New York Times reporter Lauren Hirsch, that content moderation is attractive to investors.

Bosses at Twitter “would argue … improvements to moderation helped user engagement helped revenue. So, from just a pure financial perspective, moderation has been good for business,” Hirsch said.

The Reliable Sources Daily host chimed in that Twitter had worked hard to clean up the site through censorship efforts and added “people don’t play in the gutter! Most people don’t want to send their kids to play in the gutter!”

The cable news host went on to claim allowing free speech would make Twitter “chaotic,” which would discourage investors.

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“And I think if you’re a random user that gets suspended for no good reason, you feel that and that’s a big deal and that’s a big problem. But the argument to make Twitter more chaotic would seem to be a losing argument from an investor point of view.”

Elsewhere during the show, Stelter reportedly praised “the Twitter board adopting a so-called ‘poison pill’ provision trying to drive Musk back from his hostile takeover bid,” according to

He also likened the Tesla CEO to Trump over a tweet in which he claimed his bid to buy Twitter “would only be rejected if the system is rigged,” claiming the “trolling” was “very Trumpian.”

The CNN’s host utter disdain for free speech and the First Amendment couldn’t be more apparent.