Source: Epoch Inspired Staff

A talented athlete, Scott Drummond was drafted into the Army in 1971 while his peers shipped off to Vietnam. He was lucky. His skills on the basketball court kept him off the front lines, playing ball in Germany in the military as many of his soldier brothers died in Vietnam.

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While Drummond survived, his own brush with death occurred during a skiing trip when he was 28, which led to a near-death experience, when he says he sojourned to Heaven and met the Lord.

He would not speak of his experience for 40 years, until he was finally compelled to share it to offer hope in troubled times.

Drummond, now 68 and living in Provo, Utah, had an accident on the slopes that day so many decades ago. After pulling off his glove, he saw his dislocated thumb limply dangling by the skin. He called his wife and was taken to the hospital, where a medical mishap caused him to leave his body. Drummond explained what happened.