Source: NwoReport

On Monday 4-18-2022 we reported that Biden’s transportation mask mandate was undone today by a federal judge, who called it unlawful.

Now the agencies and companies enforcing the mask mandate are falling like dominoes in announcing that the mask mandate will no longer be enforced.

The TSA was first to announce that they were no longer enforcing it:

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United Airlines followed suit:

I checked both Delta and American Airlines and neither has posted any statements on Twitter yet.

Peter Doocy asked Psaki today about the mask mandate and why the administration still recommends it despite the court ruling today:

Doocy wanted to know why the administration was still recommending masks for planes when reporters are no longer required or even recommended to wear masks in the briefing room.

Psaki claimed that DC is a ‘green zone’ and therefore there are no mask recommendations and that on federal transportation vehicles they still recommend it or something. Not really a good answer in my opinion.

UPDATE: Southwest Airlines has now ended their mask mandate enforcement: