– This is evil and Satanic, and it’s occurring at this very moment across America

Source: All News Pipeline

The LGBTQ community and the manner in which it has acted so militantly against America’s founding principles and the core morality of Christianity, in all areas of American society, has always been something gross and repugnant to me, as they sought privilege and government validation forced upon all society, over the simple equal rights under the law that everybody already has, as biological men and women. 

My perspective is holistic and aimed at the movement that still persists today, that forced Americans to recognize “same-sex marriage” as legal, as the unhinged lunatics took over the asylum called “the U.S. Supreme Court”. Yes, I full well realize there are probably many homosexuals who are pretty much decent people for the most part, but there is a massive portion of this movement that advances the evilest things imaginable through their Queer Theories that target the youngest, most vulnerable of society, as they seek to indoctrinate Kindergarten and elementary age children to believe that being homosexual or transgendered is normal and groom them to be turned queer themselves. 

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It’s as though its a recruitment campaign underway to grow the ranks of the LGBTQ community in America, so they won’t feel so all alone in their miserable lifestyle that they feel compelled to hype and glamorize, if simply because it does represent the most depraved, sick, perverted, deviant segment of society. 

When we look at the recent bill that Governor Ron DeSantis signed to prevent teachers discussing gender identity and sexual orientation through the third grade and the furor it caused among the LGBTQ community and Disney World as being “anti-gay”, it becomes apparent that this is precisely what is at play. They are all groomers, right up through the ranks of some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in our country who seek unparalleled access to our children’s minds and imaginations, in order to sexualize them and advance their gay agenda well before they have any clue at all about any matters regarding sexual relations, long before they are mentally mature enough to handle such topics. 

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