Source: H. Sterling Burnett

Previews of what will happen when green energy fails are popping up all over the world. It’s not a pretty picture of the future.

Lessons from California, Texas, Europe, and Australia show that if the “Keep it in the ground” movement succeeds in stopping the use of fossil fuels, the world is worse off.

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In 2021, I experienced firsthand the dangers of over reliance on wind and solar energy. Although there was plenty of blame to go around when the Texas power supply failed across much of the state during a bout of extreme cold weather that winter, the replacement of reliable coal-fueled power plants with industrial wind facilities bore the lion’s share of the blame. Driven almost entirely by politics, not market demand, wind and solar power now account for approximately 28 percent of Texas’ electric power supply.

Data from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas showed that five days before the first snowflake fell, wind and solar provided 58 percent of the state’s electric power. Then, clouds formed, temperatures dropped, and winds temporarily stalled, resulting in more than half the wind and solar power going offline in three days, never to return during the storm. The problems got even worse when the wind turbines froze and snow and ice covered solar panels.The shortfall of wind power at a critical moment largely doomed the grid.