The Drug User Liberation Front has been aided in their mission to supply free drugs to addicts by a socialist city council member

Source: Frankie Stockes

A group calling themselves the “Drug User Liberation Front” is handing out free, hard drugs on the streets of Vancouver with the help of a city council member. The city has long been an epicenter of Canada’s national struggle with drug abuse and was an early adopter of so-called “safe injection sites”, which are gaining popularity in U.S. cities. Vancouver is now moving to decriminalize the possession of hard drugs, including heroin and meth, despite a massive uptick in drug crime and overdoses in recent years.

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The Drug User Liberation Front claims to purchase and test drugs like heroin and meth from “trusted” dark web dealers in an effort to keep tainted doses off the street. After what adoring reports from corporate media outlets have described as a “rigorous testing process”, the group redistributes what they say is a “safe supply” of the still highly lethal drugs on the streets to users for free.  The group claims that it is an important harm reduction tactic in a city plagued by drug crime and abuse. 

In addition to handing out the drugs on the streets, the group, which is illegal under Canadian law, is managing to supply their packaged and labeled drugs to addicts outside of the city. Just this month, a report stated that The Drug User Liberation Front, also known as DULF, distributed at least 17 grams of various hard to drugs to different “drug user groups” across British Columbia.