Source: Jason Whitlock

Colin Kaepernick’s sense of entitlement is a byproduct of America’s embrace of secular values.

Entitlement is the antithesis of gratitude, the spirit of thankfulness promoted by traditional religious faith. Christians believe Jesus died on the cross so that we don’t have to. Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback, has spent the last six years advancing the idea that NFL ownership crucified and banished him for protesting white supremacy. Based on his alleged crucifixion, he has developed a religious following that includes fervent disciples.

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Earlier this week, on their “I Am Athlete” podcast, former NFL stars Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson, and Pacman Jones sat at Kaepernick’s feet, sought his wisdom, and then preached the gospel of Kap.

The gospel of Kap says the NFL owes the quarterback a job. His career must be resurrected to save the souls of racist league owners. Kap is the chosen one. The salvation of his career is critical for the salvation of man.