Source: Harbingers Daily

In an interview, Detroit’s former Police Chief, James Craig, decried the substantial rise in crime nationwide, pointing the finger at woke prosecutors and judges who have shown bad guys that there are “no consequences” for committing crimes.

Lack of accountability and “complicit” Democrat leadership is the root of the lawlessness problem, Craig explained to Breitbart News on Saturday.

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“Governors certainly have an opportunity to use your bully pulpit to really call out woke prosecutors and woke judges,” he urged. “How many Democrats or the president or the governor or mayors are actually standing up and saying, ‘Enough of this. We need these violent predatory criminals locked up’? Nobody’s doing that.”

The former Police Chief, who is running for Governor in Michigan, further pointed to Democrat prosecutors who have sought to make criminal penalties less severe under the banner of “racial justice.”

One example is Carol Siemon, a prosecutor who pursued policy changes to limit felony firearm charges, which she asserted “disproportionately impact Black people.”