Source: WND

The Bride of Christ is one of the most fascinating personages in the Bible. Many churches and pastors, it seems, are looking for her under the bed, hiding in fear from her avowed enemies.

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Jesus knows just where to find her. While her earthly cohorts shine their flashlights underneath her bed, looking for some trace of the Bride’s enemies who might disturb her slumber, Jesus steps over their hunched forms and flashlights, walks to the side of the bed, leans over her reclining form and kisses her gently on the lips. As she awakens with his face so close to her’s, he whispers, “Arise. Shine like the Sun, my Beloved. For your time has come.”

Jesus offers her his hand, and she takes it in hers. She sits up on the bed, arrayed in fine, white linen. Jesus guides her to her feet and toward the door, leading her over or around the hunched forms still looking underneath her bed.