Source: J Stark – NwoReport

The Tirana Appeals Court has accepted to review a court case that recognized Sali Berisha movement’s decisions to topple the Democratic Party leadership. Shortly before the appeal’s court released its verdict, Berisha accused US Ambassador Yuri Kim of interfering in the justice system to influence today’s decision.

Judge Blerina Muca accepted an appeal by Enkelejd Alibeaj filed in his capacity as PD deputy chair, demanding the court to repeal a previous court decision or remand the case under a different panel of judges at the first instance court.

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On March 25, Judge Agron Zhukri had approved the new PD statuses passed by the PD National Assembly on December 11, which was called by the movement led by Sali Berisha. This also meant that their decision to dismiss all party leadership, including former chair Luzim Basha, was valid.

In a press statement before the court decision was made public, Berisha accused the US Ambassador of direct interference in the case.

“Last week I was informed from three sources that the Governor [Berisha’s slur for Ambassador Yuri Kim] has been having meetings regarding the judicial process recently. I call on the US government to stop its representative’s interference in Albania’s judicial processes,” Berisha stated.

He added that he was willing to present US authorities with the evidence from his sources but refused to make them public.

Responding to Berisha’s accusations after the publication of the court decision, Ambassador Kim admitted having urged judges and prosecutors to do their job correctly, while hinting they had received threats and intimidation from Berisha.