Source: Fred T

Biden’s COVID-19 coordinator Ashish Jha got pinned down Sunday about Dr. Evil Fauci asserting his supreme authority over the judicial branch of the government.

See Fauci believes all the crap that CNN and MSNBC tell him. That HE’S in charge. That so-called science – meaning anything he dang well wants it to mean – has supreme override authority, and damn the people.

“We are concerned about that, about courts getting involved in things that are unequivocally public health decisions,” said Fauci earlier in the week. “This is a CDC issue. It should not have been a court issue.”

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IT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A COURT ISSUE. The issuance of controls on public behavior is no business of the courts? Unbelievable hubris.

Jha, who is a long-time camera-hogging hack but not very good at anything, had the impossible task of trying to please the little CDC dictator and also make people believe that Biden isn’t trying to do away with our judiciary system.

That’s already a tough sell considering how Democrats treat the court system anyway. But this? Impossible. Even so, I can’t imagine anyone doing a worse job than Sham Jha.

“Obviously, the judiciary has an important role to play.”

Wow. I mean that hardly even qualifies as spin, y’all. It’s more like spinning out of control.

These clowns … what the heck are we doing, America??