Source: Mike LaChance

The left is still throwing a fit over the fact that billionaire Elon Musk has bought the social media site Twitter.

Musk is not a conservative, but he is not a fan of the left and he values free speech.

Musk recently said that the Democrat party has been hijacked by extremists, and liberals didn’t like that one bit.

FOX News reports:

Liberals melt down after Musk claims the Democrat Party was ‘hijacked by extremists’

New Twitter owner Elon Musk broke leftist brains with tweets Thursday accusing the Democrat Party of moving way too far to the left and being “hijacked by extremists.”

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On Thursday evening, Musk tweeted out a comic which depicted the evolution of liberals from 2008 to now. The illustration showed that in 2008 both conservatives and liberals were about equidistant to the center of the political spectrum, with Musk (“me”) depicted slightly to the left.

The graphic ultimately showed Musk and the conservative in the same places in 2021, but this time the liberal, now referred to as the “woke ‘progressive,’” had sprinted to the extreme left of the scale, moving the center point further to the left, leaving former liberals now on the conservative side of the scale.

Adding more insult to injury, Musk then stated that the Democratic Party is being run by the extreme left. In response to writer Tim Urban’s assessment of Musk’s graph, the billionaire declared, “I strongly supported Obama for President, but today’s Democratic Party has been hijacked by extremists.”

Here’s Musk’s tweet:

Here’s a sample of the left’s reaction:

Pretty much every response from the left is: January 6th!!!

That’s all they’ve got.