Trump bashes Democrat puppet president over his several dementia-ridden faux pas on the world stage.


President Donald Trump used his social media app Truth Social to criticize President Joe Biden’s dementia-ridden behavior.

On Sunday, Trump published a video through his official account on the platform he founded to call out his successor’s numerous senile bumblings on the world stage.

The video calls Biden “weak, unprepared, incapable and unstable,” as footage rolls of him stumbling while walking up the Air Force One stairs, holding his hands up awkwardly during a debate, and forgetting how to speak.

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The video is one of Trump’s first posts on the platform he launched in February.

The political attack ad also suggests Trump is gearing up for a re-match in 2024 against his old presidential foe, which confidants Rudy Giuliani and Roger Stone have said is likely to happen.