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The Daily Mail is reporting…

Hawaii became the 25th state to begin probing a case of mysterious hepatitis in a child less than ten years old — after five deaths and more than 100 cases were reported across America.

The state’s Department of Health said the child was hospitalized with abdominal pain and fever on Maui, its second largest island, at the end of April.

It was unclear whether the child — who has not been named — was still in hospital or had been discharged.

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Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed the grim fatality tally in the U.S., which is the biggest in the world with only Indonesia also reporting three deaths in the outbreak.

A total of 15 American children have also been left needing liver transplants by the disease.

More than 300 cases have been reported worldwide with most in the UK (160) and U.S. (109), although this is likely because the country’s have better surveillance. 

Scientists are puzzled as to what is causing the outbreak, but the leading theory suggests it could be due to adenovirus — a cause of the common cold — with the majority of America’s cases testing positive for this.

Other hypotheses being investigated include that lockdowns have weakened children’s immunity, or that a previous Covid infection or even exposure to a pet dog could be to blame. The normal causes — hepatitis virus A, B, C, D and E — have all been ruled out. 

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