Source: Mac Slavo

Power grid operators have begun to sound the alarm about a shortage of electricity in the United States, as the ruling class pushes for “renewable energy.” This issue is a concern throughout the entire country as many traditional and nuclear power plants are being retired.

The potential for blackouts is huge as many power companies begin to switch to “green energy” sources instead of electricity. “I am concerned about it,” MISO Chief Executive John Bear told the Wall Street Journal in a report Sunday. “As we move forward, we need to know that when you put a solar panel or a wind turbine up, it’s not the same as a thermal resource.”

Many traditional and nuclear power plants are being retired to make way for renewable sources of energy, but the plants are going offline faster than renewable energy and battery storage can keep up. –FOX News

It is not just the switch to renewable energy that poses a problem either. Extreme heat and wildfires over the summer could lead to a shortage of energy in California, the state’s grid operator told WSJ. The Midwest could face similar issues with MISO warning of capacity shortages that could lead to outages.

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The mainstream media also expects you to believe that they can develop an mRNA “vaccine” injection in a matter of months, but are incapable of creating better batteries so the switch from electricity to wind or solar power is going to be consumed with blackouts.

Wind and solar farms are among the most popular forms of renewable power generation, but their lack of ability to generate power 24/7 means they have to store some of their energy in batteries for later use. But the development of better battery storage is underway, operators fear it isn’t happening fast enough to replace the retiring plants. –FOX News

The risk of outages is heightened this summer, with supply chain issues and inflation slowing the pace developers can get the components needed to build renewable energy farms. Speaking of the supply shortages, there are not enough raw materials for many items but somehow, there’s enough to continue to make billions of syringes and needles and inject the population with endless booster shots for the common cold.

Is any of this a coincidence? That’s up to you to decide.