After making similar claim, Biden walked back his admission, saying “well, we don’t really.”So much for checks and balances!

Source: InfoWars

Joe Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki spent a good portion of Tuesday’s press conference trying to clean up her boss’s earlier clumsy remarks, including his walked-back claim that Democrats control “all three branches of government.”

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In a rare press conference Tuesday, Biden had appeared to own up to a question about whether his administration bore any responsibility for the rampant inflation in America, where he replied: “We’re in power. That’s the first thing.”

…But then Biden quickly walked his statement back.

“And you’re justifiably right in that we control all three branches of government…Well, we don’t really,” he added.

Psaki either didn’t get the memo or she wanted to make clear that Democrats do, in fact, control all three branches of government, despite the Supreme Court being majority conservative – even if you discount Justice John Roberts.

“As he noted today, he is the president. We do control all forms of branches of government,” Psaki claimed. “That’s why he laid out very clearly what he’ll continue to do as president to bring down prices.”

There’s a lot to unpack here.

First of all, the fact Biden or Psaki would go so far as to claim they control all three branches of government reveals their ignorance about how the U.S. government is supposed to work.

After all, American government is not a dictatorship, but three independent branches of government which use a system of checks and balances to prevent a consolidation of power.

However, perhaps Psaki and Biden let slip that they believe they control not just the presidency and the slim Democrat-majority Congress, but even the conservative-majority Supreme Court.

Senile Biden appears to have no clue what he actually controls, while power-hungry Psaki appears to think Democrats have full dominion over the entire U.S. government.

In any case, their remarks are both disturbing and revealing.

Watch both Biden and Psaki’s full press conferences: