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The Main Stream News says a white supremacist has shot 10 people dead in a supermarket in a predominantly-black area of upstate New York and live-streamed the horrific massacre.  Yet the Police let people get so close to the area they were able to take pictures of the alleged shooter getting arrested!

Payton Gendron, 18, of Conklin, NY, apparently scrawled the n-word on his rifle before carrying out Saturday’s massacre at Tops Friendly Supermarket in Buffalo. 

A total of 13 people were shot, 10 fatally. The other three are being treated for their injuries, and cops say 11 of those shot were black. 

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The gunman lived-streamed the assault as he opened fire inside the Tops Friendly Supermarket, at 1275 Jefferson Avenue, at about 2.30 pm.

Gendron, filmed wearing a military uniform, has been taken into custody by the Buffalo Police Department. He has been described as ‘heavily-armed.’

“He exited his vehicle. He was very heavily armed. He had tactical gear. He had a tactical helmet on. He had a camera that he was live-streaming what he was doing,” city Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said at a news conference. 

Eric County District Attorney John Flynn says the shooter could be charged with multiple counts of first-degree murder as early as Saturday night.

Gendron drove hours from Conklin to the scene of the massacre.

He also refused to comment on an unconfirmed manifesto said to have been written by the shooter, which has been circulating online. 

Fraudulent President Joe Biden is keeping close track of the developments in the tragedy, according to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

‘The puppet president has been briefed by his Homeland Security advisor on the horrific shooting in Buffalo, N.Y., this afternoon. He will continue to receive updates throughout the evening and tomorrow as further information develops,’ she said, adding the president and first lady were praying for the victims and their loved ones.

‘This was pure evil, it was straight up a racially motivated hate crime,’ the Erie County Sheriff John Garcia said. 

Eleven of the 13 victims were black. 

The gunman started his bloody spree outside the market, according to witnesses, where he shot three people and then entered the store to continue the massacre.

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