Posted BY: Karen Townsend

Axios broke the news today that Chris Wallace will host his own show on CNN. Wallace lost his four-day-a-week show on CNN Plus when CNN pulled the plug on its new streaming service almost as soon as it started. Poor old Chris was left in limbo, appearing on CNN in the meantime. Rest easy. Chris has landed in a decent spot for himself.

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When Wallace left Fox News Channel after twenty years of hosting his own Sunday morning show, it was a surprise. Why in the world would he do that? FNC is the highest rated cable news outlet and CNN doesn’t even come close in the competition.

At the time, he blamed the events of January 6 and FNC opinion show anchors who supported the Big Lie. CNN offered him a multi-million dollar contract and set him up on CNN Plus. He was shuffled off to its new baby, a subscription streaming service. Wallace left a cush position on FNC for uncertain territory at CNN.