“You’re literally a Rothschild.”

Posted BY: Paul Joseph Watson

David Rothschild faced ridicule on Twitter for complaining that Elon Musk grew up in privilege, with one user telling the economist, “You’re literally a Rothschild.”

The farce was kicked off by Rothschild, a market analyst, tweeting, “Rich white son of emerald mine owner who grew up in apartheid South Africa is the real victim in our society #ThoughtsAndPrayers.”

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The snarky tweet was in response to Musk saying he can no longer vote Democrat because they have become the party of “division and hate,” and that he will vote Republican.

The response from other Twitter users was swift, and ‘Rothschild’ quickly became a trending topic.

“You are literally a Rothschild,” said one respondent.

A rothschild complaining about other peoples privileges. The joke tells itself,” remarked another.

“Oh for f*** sake…its getting comical now. A Rothschild whinging about musks privileges…,” wrote John Kelly.

Others found it equally hilarious.

Rothschild countered by claiming he had no links to the banking dynasty.

As to Rothschild’s apartheid smear, back in March Musk vociferously denied his family ever owned an emerald mine, or that their money came from exploiting apartheid.