Many believe boxer’s death caused by Covid vaccine, as jab linked to numerous documented instances of athletes suffering heart issues.

Posted BY: Adan Salazar

A boxer at the top of his game died suddenly during a boxing match in Munich, Germany, last week, with horrifying footage showing him collapsing to the mat in between rounds.

World Boxing Federation (WBF) International Light Heavyweight Champion Musa Yamak, 38, was 8-0 before suffering his first loss ever Saturday when he keeled over inside the ring as he prepared to enter the third round against Ugandan fighter Hamza Wandera.

Footage shows the Turkish-born German boxer appear woozy, before he falls to his knees and finally lays down on the mat.

“According to German police, however, paramedics had their arrival delayed by punters outside the venue,” RT reports.

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At that moment, numerous medics can be seen entering the ring attending to Yamak. The boxer was later transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead due to a myocardial infarction (heart attack).

Image credit: twitter / @hasanturantr

The New York Post reports Yamak had sustained “a heavy blow by Wandera in the second round of the fight.”

Despite having no knowledge of his medical history, many commenters on the video site World Star Hip Hop attributed Yamak’s death to the Covid vaccine due to numerous documented instances of athletes suffering heart issues following the jab.

New York Post commenters expressed similar sentiments:

It’s unclear if Yamak had received a Covid-19 vaccine, which has been blamed for a spate of heart issues recently experienced by athletes in several sports. The World Boxing Federation’s General Medical Guidelines state boxers are encouraged to receive yearly medical exams, and that they’re advised to be vaccinated against Hepatitis B.

Spanish sports site Marca reports Yamak is the second boxer to die in the ring this year “following the death of Armenian-born Russian boxer Arrest Sahakyan last January 9.”

While it’s unknown whether the Covid jab contributed to Yamak’s death, it’s clear many continue to be skeptical of the experimental vaccine due to its well-established reputation for deadly adverse events.