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As one analyst put it, “Target didn’t just miss their quarterly numbers by a little, they missed them by A Lot!” That caused not only shares of Target stock to crater, it took the whole market with them. When the day’s bloodbath ended, hundreds of billions of net worth was gone. Our friends on the Left probably snickered that it serves the fat cat capitalists right. A little of their own medicine. They don’t understand (or care) that the losses come largely from IRA’s and 401K’s. Millions of hard working Americans, already buckling under the rising costs for food and fuel are now forced to watch their retirement savings shrink.

Two questions come to mind. First, how could this be happening to such a wonderfully woke and socially conscious company like Target?  They were among the vanguard to open whatever rest room those patrons struggling with their sexual identities chose to use. Parents of small children be damned. When one of their stores was sacked and burned by mostly peaceful protesters following the death of George Floyd, they did the courageous thing. They turned the other check, pledging millions to BLM and other Social Justice causes. 

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Management got a shot of feel-good endorphins. Shareholders got the bill. 

Why would their customers turn on such an elite virtue signaler? Don’t they know who the good guys are? Perhaps their patrons aren’t as cosmopolitan as management has led shareholders to believe? Maybe many mothers have doubts about genitaled males in their daughters’ bathrooms or the financing and force-feeding of leftist dogmas. Could certain demographics be voting with their dollars?

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