Posted BY: Amber Crawford

In a segment by NBC4, residents of Democrat-run Washington, DC report that “violence has gotten out of control” and that they don’t feel like the government is providing any help.

“Vehicles tearing around, up on sidewalks, running red lights, tearing around and, you know, making noise at four in the morning – people can’t sleep,” reported one long-time resident of DC. “And, there’s just a feeling we’ve lost control of the streets.”

While residents understand they live in a city where there will undoubtedly be crime and disturbances in the surrounding areas. However, it is starting to pass the point of what the residents consider “normal,” and is beginning to be cause for concern.

People living in the city are starting to push for the city leaders to do more about the escalating crime.

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“Living in the middle of the city is inherent with some risk,” acknowledged another interviewee who lives in DC. “You understand that that’s going to be a part of your daily life, but the violence has gotten out of control. And, unfortunately right now it doesn’t feel like the city government is doing anything to help us.”

“I think once crime is under control, a lot of the other things will start to fall back into place,” he continued, “and we’ll start having a more vibrant retail market and restaurant scene, and it will feel a little safer on a day-to-day basis.”