Posted BY: Joseph Archer

As citizens of the world, we all have responsibilities to all other citizens. Among these is a willingness to respect others’ rights of self-determination free from harassment from each of us personally. But perhaps just as important is our responsibility to protect one another when gangsters usurp our government and use it as a tool of enslavement. Our founding fathers knew that the greatest threat to self-governance was the government itself. It is, after all, a huge magnet for the most depraved control freaks in the human community.

But what do you do or even can do when you wake up to a government controlled by a criminal billionaire syndicate and enforced by a trillion-dollar military? Realistically we can’t expect any citizen to engage in some sort of armed resistance especially when any sane person would estimate that it will only their death. Even speaking out against our government is risky as you are very likely to get a midnight visit by the FBI. God forbid that you are on record of having supported Trump. The answer is, you exercise the one remaining civil instrument left to you that might be able to bypass the stolen election machines of the syndicate and has a reasonable chance of liberating us from our Bolshevik nightmare, the constitutional convention avenue.

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We can reasonably assume that the eight swing state election apparatus may not be fixable. But all that is needed to call a constitutional convention is to get 17 of the remaining 33 states to pass such a call either through referendum or by their state legislature. It only takes 8% of registered voters to put a referendum on the ballot.

But beyond getting a constitutional convention called, the successful survival of a self-governing society requires that whatever is sought is something for which 38 states are willing to approve. Therefore, whatever measure one hopes to enact, it must have overwhelming popular support. Support so widespread and enthusiastic, that it can overcome the full force of our Nazi state. I contend that that measure should be a call for a truedemocracynow dot com where every population subset rules itself through the use of a digital voting app. In effect, every locality could propose legislation and call an election at no cost and run itself on corruption-proof popular sentiment.

In a true democracy, instead of relegating power to a handful of lawyers selected by and subservient to the aristocracy, every citizen can both propose and vote on every piece of legislation under which they are expected to live. But additionally, the citizens themselves can define the boundaries of their own jurisdiction. This way, the leftists in Austin Texas can self-rule their own little leftist Utopia while the rest of Texas can self-rule their version of a conservative Utopia.

The world is a big place and diametrically opposed viewpoints cannot coexist in the same space. A morning person cannot happily live with a night person. A person who believes in their right to tell you what you can say cannot live alongside someone who believes free speech is how disagreements are best resolved. To date, we have been limited to a binary system of winner take all and it has led to the inevitable result that one side cheated and took all. Could anyone be so naive to think that the rich guys wouldn’t use their advantage to flim-flam the peasants? They have been doing it throughout history.

The problem with a binary form of governance is that it will always result in constant conflict and one side being perpetually abused by another side. And it is pretty much guaranteed that a small minority will rule with an iron fist and live the life of Riley at the expense of the working masses. However, if we, as in the masses so choose, we can vote for a constitutional convention and then vote to change our 250 year old antiquated and hacked form of governance into a true democracy where every citizen is effectively a member of their own parliament voting on how their government will operate in just their neck of the woods.

The reason this plan of action has a reasonable chance of succeeding is that it can not only be supported by conservatives, but also by most Democrats because it is not a simple binary decision. While almost all democrats vote D reflexively, if the question is put to them, ‘How about we change our government to a 150 million person congress?”, I believe many of our otherwise maniacal adversaries would support the initiative. And why wouldn’t they? Why endorse a proxy government when you can participate directly in your own governance?

I like to think that most can see the advantage of true democracy as opposed to being dictated to by billionaires and five people dressed like priests in the middle ages. Imagine how creative and potentially fruitful it might be if thousands of communities are free to invent their own attempt at Utopia. The odds of success is at least a thousand times better than when such an endeavor is limited to the likes of Bill Gates, or George Soros, and the nuts at Devos. Regardless, it is a crime against the citizenry to deny each other this very real opportunity for true self-rule by ignoring that it exists.