Posted BY: R.M

Source: The Right Scoop

It’s not just San Francisco.

Three thieves emptied the shelves at a cosmetics store called Sephora, which according to Libs of Tiktok is near Los Angeles, while everyone just watched.

San Francisco is the most common place for this style of shoplifting to happen because thieves know that police won’t respond because the city won’t let them.

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I don’t know about Los Angeles in terms of enforcement, but I do know that it was the state of California that dropped this kind of theft to a misdemeanor as long as the amount doesn’t exceed $950. And quite often these Democrat cities are very soft on crime.

Assuming these thieves even get caught, they probably won’t face much in terms of punishment. Which is why they steal and plunder like they do. They know they’ll get away with it thanks to liberals in California.