Know anyone who was injured or killed by the vaccines? Please fill out this survey to show that vax injuries are not rare. It only takes a few minutes. They may not realize it themselves.

Posted BY: Steve Kirsch

Executive Summary

If you, or anyone you know, is vaccine injured or you believe has died from the COVID vaccines, please report the injury or death here in my new worldwide master survey. Please do this even if you’ve reported a death in my previous surveys because this survey collects more extensive information about the injury/death.

Shining light on the number and severity of COVID vaccine injuries and deaths may well be the best way to get people throughout the world to wake up and realize that they’ve been duped.

I am writing this on May 30, 2022, Memorial Day. This holiday is reserved for honoring those who have died in service to our country.

But there are others who have sacrificed their health or in some cases, their lives, because they were asked to do so by the US government to help end the pandemic in America. Many of these people have made the ultimate sacrifice as well, but they are not being recognized. Their injuries and/or deaths have been ignored. It is time for that to change. Today.

It takes only a few minutes to fill out the survey. If you don’t know anyone who died or injured, please do one thing for me: share this article on your social media accounts.

You can view the injury/death reports as they come in, in real time here (with personally identifying information redacted) here. The comments there are fascinating reading.

This is a survey that the US government should be doing, but they don’t want anyone to know the information so they won’t do it. This is why it is so critical that we collect it.

Here is a document showing the comments from the first 95 people to respond. It should be required reading before anyone can consent to getting the shot. That would be real informed consent.

Please share this article widely. It is very important to reach as many vaccine injured as possible so we can publicly expose the true extent of the problem.

Due to censorship/shadow banning on mainstream social media, you may need to refer people “in code” to the currently pinned article on my Substack.

If you use a censorship-free platform such as Gab, GETTR, Truth Social, or Telegram account, you can post the link to this article directly. If you don’t have an account on these platforms yet, consider making one now (it could be many months before Elon Musk fixes Twitter).

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In the US, we:

  1. stop baby formula and shut down the plant if one infant has died and 3 are hospitalized.
  2. recall peanut butter if 10 people become sick even when nobody died.
  3. bring national attention and focus on the death of 19 children and 2 teachers; President Biden has vowed to do something to keep that from happening again

By contrast, for the COVID vaccines, we can injure or kill hundreds of thousands of people and nobody wants to hear about it or talk about it. The mainstream media claims injuries are rare and deaths are non-existent.


Because the public has been misled by government authorities and the mainstream media to believe that vaccine injuries are very rare and that death is non-existent. It says so right here on the CDC website:

If vaccine injuries aren’t rare, then why aren’t we hearing about them?

There are many reasons. They include:

  1. Social media companies are deliberately and systematically censoring all attempts for us to even gather the information on how many victims there are. My article was posted to 8 different vaccine injury groups and only about 20 people even saw it. In many cases, it could not even be posted. Check this out:
  2. The mainstream media is suppressing these stories because they honestly believe all the injuries and deaths are unfortunate coincidences (because that’s what the authorities say) so they don’t want to alarm the public by writing stories that could cause unwarranted vaccine hesitancy.
  3. The vaccine injured themselves are afraid to speak publicly about their injury because of fear of being attacked, ostracized, and/or de-platformed. Over 95% of the vaccine victims fall into this category. I know the feeling. After I saw my friends being killed or injured by the COVID vaccines, I started speaking out about the vaccines. In short order, I found myself permanently banned from Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, and Medium, to name a few. My Wikipedia entry was completely trashed to make me look like an evil person. Most of our friends refuse to associate with us because we are evil people.
  4. The doctors have gaslighted the injured into believing that their injuries were simply coincidental or due to stress and not due to the vaccine. The doctors aren’t evil per se; they are simply naïve and/or brainwashed; they assume that the CDC, other government agencies, medical community, and mainstream media are telling the truth and the clinical trials weren’t fraudulent. So the deaths and injuries must be due to some other cause or just “coincidence.”
  5. The NIH has determined that the vaccines don’t create injuries. Dr. Nath at the NIH has been investigating vaccine injuries of more than 500 vaccine-injured people for more than a year and he recently told the press that he has not been able to find a link between the vaccines and injuries. I reached out to Dr. Nath for his reasoning, but he refuses to talk to me. Please read my article on Dr. Nath, a man who values his position at NIH more than the lives of millions of Americans.
  6. When people file with the government to get compensated for their vaccine injury, they are denied. Nobody has received any compensation at all. Zero. Zip. Nada. As of May 1, 2022, not one dime has been paid out for any of the COVID vaccines. I guess this means it is safer than previous vaccines: the government won’t acknowledge even a single vaccine injury from over 8,000 people that have filed (which itself is an unprecedented amount). The current status is that “Of the 8,010 COVID-19 countermeasure claims, 5,033 allege injuries/deaths from COVID-19 vaccines and 2,997 allege injuries/deaths from other COVID-19 countermeasures.” There was recently a very high-profile CICP case, Cody Flint, a former pilot. It was an iron-clad case; if anyone was to recover money, Cody was a slam dunk. His case was denied. This sends a crystal clear message to the vaccine injured that if they spend days to fill out the application form, it is a complete waste of time. According to the US government, the vaccines are safe so all injury claims are completely bogus. You can only file under the CICP where there is no transparency, no court, no judge, and no right to appeal. Decisions about compensation are made in a black hole by a nameless administrator. Is that clear? This is because people in Congress care about you. Can you imagine what it would be like if they were actually trying to be mean to you?
  7. Because the people with the most compelling stories, those who have died, are dead and their families either 1) have been told the vaccine wasn’t responsible or 2) are afraid to speak out for fear of retribution.

Do the COVID vaccine cause injuries? How many vaccine injured are there?

Yes, the COVID vaccines have caused an enormous number of injuries.

Recently, the Israeli government found that 4.5% of people who were vaccinated have neurological problems.

That statistic implies that there could be over 10M vaccine-injured or dead people in America today. Most of the injured are women.

This is consistent with other data sources. This is why there are far more injury reports in the VAERS system for these vaccines than for all 70+ vaccines combined over the past 32 years. See this article for more stats.

What’s the purpose of this vaccine injury survey?

With this survey, we can show the entire world the truth about the severity of these injuries and estimate the total number of people who have been injured.

The survey allows those people who are afraid to reveal their identity publicly to speak out anonymously, but in a way that we can verify the stories.

Some people are already public and have consented to allow us to use their name.

For example, former UCSD ICU nurse Marsha Gee filled out the survey. She has over 78 out of 100 symptoms associated with the COVID vaccine injured. These symptoms are individually all rare, yet they started in Marsha’s case less than one hour after getting the vaccine. This is impossible for anyone to explain away as “coincidence.” One compelling counter-example is all it takes. Marsha was the 95th person to fill out the survey and there was another person before her with 75 out of 100 symptoms. Her story is incredible.

More data is good. If we have a database of 1M vaccine injured people, we can organize those people into a very powerful force for change.

Why isn’t the CDC telling us how many people have been killed or injured by the COVID vaccine?

They won’t admit there are vaccine injuries because it would damage their reputation. They previously told people the vaccines were safe. If they now admit they are deadly, their reputation will be tarnished for decades. So they are doubling down on suppressing the information.

Have you ever wondered:

  1. Why isn’t there any public tracking of the number of people who are suspected of having been killed or injured by the vaccine? Both VAERS and the CICP only capture a very small percentage of these injuries. Furthermore, there is no publicly posted assessment for each reported case. Why not?
  2. Why hasn’t there been a single autopsy of a person who died within 2 weeks after getting the vaccine to determine the cause of death and rule out the vaccine as causal by doing the proper tests?
  3. Why when one of the world’s top pathologists (Dr. Peter Schirmacher) discovered that a large fraction of deaths were caused by the vaccine, they threatened to kill his family if he continued to speak out? He has never been heard from since that time.
  4. What do they mean by “rare”? Do they think the number of vaccine injured is less than 100 people?
  5. If they don’t have the number injured, how do they know the vaccines are safe?
  6. Why aren’t they doing a survey just like what the Israeli government did? Is it because they are afraid of what they would find?
  7. Is their “head in the sand” approach to safety monitoring (such as the previous question) what you expect from a government which tells you to vaccinate your kids?

Action required

  1. If you are vaccine injured or know someone who is vaccine injured or dead, please fill out this survey or ask the injured person to do it (if they are still alive).
  2. If you know of more than one injury/death, you can fill out the report for each injury.
  3. Please share this article so we can keep the momentum going.

Viewing the results

You can View the survey results with the personally identifiable information redacted.

I’ve created a document with comments from the first 95 people to respond. Marsha Gee is record #95 and her remarkable response is included in this document starting on page 13. To see the full record, use the link above.

Here are two from that document:

My mother was perfectly healthy … the first shot gave her migraines for three weeks so bad she had to be in bed. The second shot made her dizzy and they brought her to the hospital where she spent 10 days and came out needing 24 hour care because she couldn’t walk or talk or remember anything ..and she died three months later. Her doctor said she probably had an encephalitis from the Moderna shot.

I just want to say it’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life. My mother was beautiful and vibrant and healthy and drove her own car and did 4 crossword puzzles every morning before 8 o’clock And went out to dinner with friends she was a master bridge player and a painter.

Here’s another:

Many nurses on my unit have suffered severe adverse reactions. I have a fellow nurse who is severely impacted cardiac wise from Pfizer jabs. Other nurses very sick too. I have a cluster of injured nurses from my old job.

And another:

I am reporting an old friends husbands injury. They are public about his disease yet will not acknowledge the connection to the COVID shot. He received the shot and shortly after lost the ability to walk, talk, feed himself and breathe. He spent 3 ¹/² months in the hospital. Some of that time was on a ventilator. He is now able to walk with a walker and has recently gained the ability to hold his children.

How dangerous are these vaccines?

A lot more dangerous than anyone wants you to know.

For example:

  1. 93% of deaths handled by one embalmer had “telltale blood clots” that either killed these people or contributed to their deaths. Many embalmers never look for these clots.
  2. A nursing home in Palo Alto, near where I live, recently gave the COVID booster to 9 residents and 6 of them ended up dead less than a week later. One of the victims was a former Federal Judge, Joan Stevenson Brennan. Early in her career, she was a district attorney for Santa Clara County. The press refused to cover the story, none of the local lawmakers were interested in following up, and the nursing home is refusing to return my calls. I couldn’t even find an obituary on her passing. 6 deaths swept under the rug. However, our District Attorney Jeff Rosen took my call. I will let you know what happens.
  3. Monte Vista Christian School with around 400 boys has at least 4 cases of myocarditis after the vaccines were given to a fraction of the student body. They aren’t commenting. They don’t want any of the parents at the school to know how many kids they’ve injured (possibly for life), so they keep quiet. There is no press coverage. There is no warning to the parents of the school. This is apparently happening everywhere since a school nurse I know was unable to talk to any of her peers anywhere about the topic: they all declined to comment.

Is that how safety monitoring is supposed to work? “See something, keep your mouth shut” seems to be the new motto.

The vaccine injured are also severely impacted. The responses reported so far show that 25% required hospitalization and the length of the hospital stay was significant:

Figure 1. Length of hospital stays reported by the first 90 survey responses shows that time spent in the hospital for the vaccine injured was non-trivial with people spending up to 60 days in the hospital. Click the image to see full screen.


Take the survey

View the survey results

Read the comments in the survey results or, more conveniently, read this document which has the comments from just the first 95 people who filled out the survey.

Also, if you haven’t signed our petition to stop the vaccines, please see this article for details.

Most importantly, please share this article widely so we can collect as many reports as possible.

Complacency won’t solve the problem. We need everyone reading this article to take some action (either take the survey or share this article). Thank you for your help.