Posted BY: Veronika Kyrylenko

World-class physicians of the Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance have developed life-saving Covid treatment protocols using highly effective, safe, widely available, and thoroughly tested repurposed drugs. The mass rollout of the Covid shots and boosters, however, presented another major challenge to the doctors.

In an interview with The New American, FLCCC President Dr. Pierre Kory described how the large number of vaccinated Americans develop a post-vaccine syndrome that primarily manifests itself in fatigue, brain fog, dizziness, and other neurological disorders. Since the United States authorities do not recognize post-Covid-vaccine injuries, the FLCCC filled the void and developed I-RECOVER protocol to help the vaccine victims.

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Dr. Kory is board-certified in internal medicine, pulmonary diseases, and critical care medicine. He is also a widely published expert on therapeutic approaches to COVID-19 and is deeply experienced in the treatment of COVID-19 in all its phases. More information on Dr. Kory’s expertise can be found here.

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Dr. Kory has just published a book called “War on Ivermectin.”