Posted BY: Wyatt T | NwoReport

Another 18 British children have fallen ill with the mystery hepatitis that has caused a spate of cases around the world.

Health officials announced the new cases today, bringing the cumulative UK total to 240 since the first was spotted in January.

Of the confirmed patients, 170 were in England, 32 in Scotland, 21 in Northern Ireland and 17 in Wales.

They are predominantly in children under five — but a ‘small number’ of children aged over 10 have also been struck down.

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Scientists still do not know what is causing the life-threatening liver disease, but they say the chief culprit is a strain of the common cold.

A leading theory is that children’s immune systems have been weakened because of lockdowns and school closures during the pandemic. 

The complication has been spotted in around 650 children in Europe, the US, South America, Middle East and Asia. 

At least a dozen youngsters have died and tens of children have needed liver transplants. No children have died in the UK.

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