Boasts of causing Breitbart to lose 90% of ad revenue in 3 months

Posted BY:WND

A nonprofit group that boasts of stripping advertising dollars from Breitbart News and other conservative sites says it now is targeting Fox News’ online presence.

Nandini Jammi, a co-founder of Check My Ads, tweeted out the plan Thursday.

“Five years ago, I co-founded the campaign to make Breitbart unprofitable. They lost 90% of their ad revenues in 3 months. Today, we’re launching the campaign to take on Fox News — and we know exactly how to get the job done,” she wrote.

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The taxpayer-funded National Public Radio reported the group is “aiming to defund disinformation online” and already has “taken money out of the pockets of several prominent far-right websites.”

The campaign calls on the public to pressure online advertising exchanges to stop doing business with Fox News’ website and its popular YouTube channel.

NPR described conservative media figures Steve Bannon, Glenn Beck and Dan Bongino as “right-wing provocateurs.” And the public broadcaster cited an “analysis” by the left-leaning NewsGuard and ComScore that found, in NPR’s words, “websites peddling disinformation generate more than $2 billion in advertising revenue each year.”