Posted BY: Cristina Laila

Joe Biden on Friday delivered remarks on inflation and his non-existent plan to lower prices and tackle the supply chain issues from the Port of Los Angeles.

May inflation numbers came in higher than expected at 8.6% – the highest number in 40 years since 1981.
Everything went up.

Food at home prices climbed 10% year over year!

This is the worst number since 1981.
The inflation rate was 1.4% when Joe Biden came into office.

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Biden blamed Vladimir Putin for the high inflation numbers and soaring gas prices.

How can Joe Biden lower prices if he keeps blaming Putin?

Senile Joe Biden downplayed the record inflation numbers and falsely claimed Americans are seeing “better pay.”

Fact-check: Real wages are down 3% from last year and average Americans now have an average of $9,000 less in savings.

“Every country in the world is getting a big bite and piece of this inflation worse than we are,” said Biden.

In other words, stop complaining you ungrateful American peasants and be happy with the crumbs.