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“They hired a Hollywood — they hired a news producer to make it a production. And that’s okay. But let’s not pretend that we’re in a courtroom here.”

See now, THIS is the Bill Maher liberal that we’re used to. When you see clips of him bashing wokes that’s only minutes of big shows filled with – as I say every week – standard liberal fare. And one of his liberal Democrat hang-ups is making every day of the year January 6th day.

And he tried that with Kellyanne Conway last night, but you have to hand it to her, she not only stood her ground, she did it calmly without every breaking a sweat.

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She doesn’t think the election was stolen, so Trump won’t love what she has to say, but you GOTTA love her refusing to let the Democrats off the hook for this Hollywood produced fake hearing sham designed for the sole purpose of raising money and boosting Dems in November.

This a LONG clip but even if you skip through it a bit you’ll see her holding fast.

“Every day on my calendar doesn’t say January 6th” was a great line. And she got liberal audiences to hear the truth about the fundraising and more – and I loved her needling them about how scared they are about Trump beating Biden.

Excellent job.