Posted BY: Jesse Martin

PA moves to impeach corrupt Philadelphia DA Krasner in an effort led by Republican State Legislators

Last week, San Francisco’s radical left, Soros-funded district attorney Chesa Boudin was successfully recalled. Now, Pennsylvania lawmakers are moving to impeach Philadelphia’s own Soros-backed, corrupt, radical left DA Larry Krasner.

Among the many corrupt left-wing district attorneys plaguing the nation, Krasner is arguably one of the worst and in the wake of Boudin many expected him to be recalled as well. However, rather than wait and risk for a recall, PA lawmakers are now aiming for impeachment.

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Krasner is part of a wave of radical-left prosecutors funded by Soros in their efforts who have taken hold in major cities across the nation. Krasner’s 2017 campaign received around $1.7 million from Soros and Soros-associated PACS.

Since 2018, when Larry Krasner took office in Philadelphia, total crime has gone up almost 23% to date.

His first term was marked by a mass exodus of over 250 prosecutors who refused to work in the conditions he created for the city, as well as the worst homicide wave Philadelphia has ever seen. 562 homicides were committed there last year alone. Krasner refuses to prosecute many cases, and often gives exceedingly light sentence recommendations to those he does have prosecuted.

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Krasner, no longer popular even among liberals in the city, has become infamous for his corruption and his softness towards crime.

Republican State Representatives Tim O’Neal, Josh Kail, and Torren Ecker are leading the effort to remove Krasner, however they anticipate bipartisan support.

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From Fox News:

“We want to highlight the dereliction of duty that we’ve seen from this district attorney,” Kail told “Fox & Friends First” co-host Todd Piro. “Lives have been lost, property has been destroyed, and really families have been crushed. Enough is enough. And we need to do something, and we need to get back to the basics in this commonwealth and in this nation.”

“Really, we need to get back to law and order,” he continued. “Chaos has had too much of a reign in Philadelphia, and it’s time to stop it.”

Articles of impeachment were introduced on Monday.