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Harrowing footage released by the Daily Mail on Monday shows a 93-year-old man being neglected and severely abused by his home-health aides.

The aides tied him to his bed with his own catheter and then ignored him while he was writhing in pain, choosing to nap and watch TV rather than look after his well-being.

The man died of sepsis six months after the recorded incidents.

Lawyers for Genesa, the company that hired the aides, did not respond for comment.

The Daily Mail Reports

“Shocking videos show the callous treatment of at-home health aides towards a 93-year-old man who was tied to his bed with his catheter then ignored while he writhed in pain on the floor while his carers slept, six months before dying of sepsis.

The footage was exclusively obtained by along with photos of the elderly man’s injuries, which included broken ribs and grazes to his knees and back.

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It shows Henry Zahn struggling to walk while tethered to his bed with a catheter in February 2021 – a month before he died – while the aide who was meant to look after him lay in a reclining chair watching TV. Henry died in March 2021 after six months in the care of the aides at his son Thomas’s home in Holmes, New York.”

Video footage shows the nursing aides violently ripping Zahn’s catheter out of him.  After his catheter fell out when he was attempting to get out of bed, home-health aides rammed the catheter back in to his leg.

Zahn’s family says his death was caused by an infection after his catheter was ripped out of his leg multiple times because it was tied around him to keep him in bed.