Posted BY: Charlie Kabelac

Ashley Beattie is desperate. With an eight-month-old boy, she was struggling to feed her child since the baby formula shortage. She will now be even more burdened by the increasing deficit of feminine hygiene products.

“I feel stressed. It’s hard, it’s a lot of money being taken out of pocket,” the low-income mother told The Texas Tribune. Beattie is one of millions of women now suffering under yet another supply chain challenge, one that seems to be hitting the most vulnerable Americans. Meanwhile, the ongoing lack of childcare services hasn’t improved in years.

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Mothers nation-wide are struggling to provide sufficient nutrition for their infants after Abbott Nutrition’s Sturgis factory was shut down in February. At the peak of the crisis in April, 56% of the regular supplies were out of stock one day, the retail software company Datasembly reported. One week averaged a roughly 43% out-of-stock rate across the country for baby formula and the unavailability remained high for weeks.

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