“That’s an issue pushed by right-wing media. But it’s not correct,” he says.

Posted By: Jasmine | NwoReport

CNN White House correspondent John Harwood pushed back against the growing consensus that Joe Biden’s old age and cognitive decline is becoming a problem for America.

Without outright endorsing the prospect of 79-year-old Biden running for reelection in 2024, Harwood admitted on “Reliable Sources” Sunday that though Biden is “old,” he can still handle the rigors of the presidency.

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“What’s true is the presidency is a hugely taxing job. Mentally and physically. And Joe Biden is old,” Harwood confessed. “He doesn’t talk or walk as smoothly as he once did. That suggests challenges. When you get into your 80s, which he’s about to do, the risk of health problems grows with every year.”

Harwood then covered for Biden’s ailing physical and mental decline, claiming the “right-wing media” is pushing the narrative that Biden’s cognitive abilities are slipping.

“What’s false is that he is not capable of doing the job right now or he’s not mentally in tune with the demands of the job,” he said, adding that “any aide who engages with him or reporters, we can see this.”

“The gears of his mind are working. That’s an issue pushed by right-wing media. But it’s not correct,” Harwood added.

Harwood then blamed the slim Democrat majority in Congress for Biden’s economic policy failures, like soaring gas prices.

“His biggest political problem right now is five dollar a gallon gas. Gas is not five dollars a gallon because Joe Biden’s old. His legislative program is not stymied in Congress because Joe Biden is old. It’s because he got a 50-50 Senate. And one of the members of that Democratic Senate comes from a Trump +39 state,” Harwood claimed.

Meanwhile, an op-ed in The Atlantic last week called for Biden not to run again 2024 because he’s “too old.”

This comes a day after Biden fell off his bike while stationary on Saturday morning, and a week after he fell up the stairs boarding Air Force One.

Biden has also not participated in a media interview in 130 days, leading some to wonder if his handlers are trying to hide him from the public.

Additionally, Democrat operatives have been privately discussing how to replace Biden and allow a younger candidate to take his place in the 2024 election.

Notably, the majority of Americans believe Biden is not mentally fit to serve as president, according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll.