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The complex development of the Ukraine War

The future of the Ukraine War is difficult to predict because international audiences are overwhelmed by the problematic features of the Ukraine War. Saying that “we will use them if we have to,” Russian President Vladimir Putin has resorted to nuclear blackmail against the possibility of the intervention of external powers in the Ukraine War around the end of April.[i] Russia has reacted against Western countries’ expanding military assistance to Ukraine.[ii]

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Looking through the historical lens of the Korean War (1950-1953), you can figure out the present and future of the current Ukraine War more quickly. For example, during the Korean War, Stalin had tried to divert the military forces and resources of the United States by extending the period of the War with its assistance to North Korea and China. Similarly, the United States and the western countries have had the opportunity to degrade the Russian army during the Ukraine War. In some sense, their military assistance to the Ukraine government accords to the strategic interest of the United States with the prolonged battle in Ukraine.[iii]